• Jane Park & Kayla Taylor

The Unconventional Wedding

We are always looking for new and exciting things to share with you all, so we could not wait to tell you about this stunning wedding that took place on July 31st, 2015. The bride and groom picked this date because it was the "blue" moon.

The Venue: At a beautiful house down on the west end of Galveston Island, this was not your traditional wedding! Even the chairs at the ceremony were mis-matched and that is exactly what this bride wanted. She did not want everything to match, she didn’t even have a “color”; her wedding was a kaleidoscope of colors and repurposed objects from their home. As you entered the wedding site, you were greeted by a ‘welcome wagon’ which was an old 50’s mint condition red chevy truck. The back tailgate was down and there were a couple of bales of hay where the couple had placed ice tea and lemonade dispensers. Just past the welcome wagon, at the front gate were two His & Her Huffy bicycles. Stepping inside, the sign-in table on one side of the path, and a homemade directions sign on the right. Everything used to decorate the reception area were all repurposed items from the couples’ home. All the tables and ‘stations’ around the yard were decorated with various objects and fabrics. An old dresser was used as the pie station, a small wood table was used for the Sweetheart table, old lace linens, bird cages and table cloths were used throughout and tables were scattered around the property. There were blankets and picnic baskets, a snow cone station (for kids & adults!), self made photo booth, a canoe was used to hold ice and drinks, there was a ‘game’ area and hot dog stand for all the kiddos and a beautiful little side table decorated with photo’s of loved ones who have passed. There was so much to see and do at this wedding we were amazed. We walked around for about an hour just to take everything in! Old picture frames were repurposed as decorations and the “altar” was an old screen door decorated with flowers surrounded by bird cages, frames and small tables holding more flowers and plants. The second table held the tree for the Tree Planting ritual.

The Ceremony: The bride was stunning in a white lace gown with a low back. To accent the back of the dress, she had tiny silver leaves running down the middle of her back, and a crown of wildflowers in her hair. The ceremony itself was not your typical ceremony. The couple instead did a handfasting ceremony in which colored ribbons were laid over their hands as family members were called up to present them. Each ribbon having a different meaning or value that the marriage should be blessed with. After the handfasting, the couple and their children went to the tree where there were vials of fertilized soil and a container of water. The tree being symbolic of their marriage and their family. By adding the soil and the water, they provide nurturing and nourishment for the tree so that they remember their marriage & family also needs those things to survive and be strong. We concluded the ceremony in which all the family members and any guests who wished to come up and form a circle of love around the couple and their children as the blessing was read.

The Reception: Part wedding reception, part backyard party, part festival it was one of the best receptions we’ve seen. Food for the reception was provided by a Food Truck which is becoming quite the new trend in reception catering! Guests were provided a little mini menu to select their entrée and sides. For dessert, there was a pie station which had at least 6 different pies to choose from and the wedding cake was a “Naked” wedding cake made by the bride herself! We found out that the bride had attended a culinary school and baking was her specialty! Unfortunately, we didn’t stay long enough to sample the cake, but it looked absolutely beautiful and I’m sure it tasted as good as it looked!

It is becoming more and more popular to go with this boho/hippie style of wedding and reception. More laid back compaired to the traditional wedding festivities, this is the perfect for a relaxed feel. John Luke Robertson, of the popular reality show Duck Dynasty, married Mary Kate McEacharn in July at the Robertson Family farm. Mary Kate also chose to go with a more laid back style ceremony and reception, even though she had more than 700 guests! Mary Kate also donned a lovely flower crown and had miss matched chairs for the ceremony!

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