• Jane Park

The different type of fastening knots you can do at your ceremony:

Fisherman's Knot
 also know as true lovers knot, makes one of the strongest bonds. The binding consists of two interlocking, overhand knots that create a symmetrical figure eight. The simple knot strengthens under pressure.

Mystic Knot is believed to bless a marriage with luck, harmony and longevity. Considered an favorable object, the ribbon is wrapped around the couple's hands six times creating a seamless, continuous binding that represents the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Trinity Knot
 is usually seen in Irish wedding ceremonies. The three points represent the mother, maiden and crone, while Christians use the well-known symbol to signify the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God’s Knot
 is made with three cords to represent the spiritual union of a husband and wife and their relationship with God. During the ceremony, the couple work together to braid the three cords.

Infinity Knot makes an infinity symbol by crossing their arms and joining their hands. The minister then wraps the ribbon around the couple's hands three times.


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