• McKenna Brooks

Transforming wedding traditions

The First Dance was traditionally when the bride and groom share their first dance together with a slower song as their guest watch the couple share a sweet moment together. Recently couples have started to choreograph fun dances to show off to their guest. These dances are up beat and are to the top hits at the time. The guests seem to really love these choreographed dances and really get into them.

At a wedding the wedding cake is an elaborate cake made, at least two tiers or more, that is on display at their wedding. In the last couple of years the cakes have gotten smaller. Couples are now using cupcake towers and different assortment of treats instead of the big cake.

When the couples are sent off they would have rice thrown and bubbles blown at them but now it has gotten a little more dramatic. Sparklers ant floating lanterns seem to be the new thing. The bride and groom would also exit and get into a car or a horse drawn carriage but now they are exiting in boats and even bicycles.

Even if you’re the last couple out of you friends and family to get married you can still have a garter and bouquet toss. Traditionally only the single guest would be welcomed to the dance floor but it’s your wedding so you make the rules. If there are a lot of children attending the wedding you can toss candy or stuff animals during the garter and bouquet toss to involve the kids.

Couples can keep the tradition in their wedding but if they want to spice it up a little bit they totally can! These are just a few ideas of how tradition has changed over time and how creative couples are getting.


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