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A Little Love for The Groom. Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Your Special Day!

Updated: Feb 13

Has the cake been ordered? What of the suits? I don’t even have a groomsman list yet! Wait, where’s the venue?

These are among the hundreds of questions that’ll be flying off your head once you start making plans for your nuptials. There’s usually a ton of things to settle, but so little time. So what should you do?

Slow down.

The key to a successful wedding is proper planning, execution, and peace of mind. For instance, instead of having a hundred unanswered questions flowing through your head per minute, you can start with 4 simple questions that would inform the planning.

For instance, you can ask yourself, “What do I want my wedding day to look like?” “And what should it feel like?”

Once you’ve established these 4 key things that’d make your D-day special, you can now start the planning.

And that shouldn’t be a mountain to climb.

All you need are these six tips and tricks to get your momentum started and going.

Which ones? Read on to find out.

Get Enough Sleep and Eat Healthy Food

Yes, the first thing to do is not rush and start getting your suits done. You need to make sure that all through the wedding preparation process, you are getting enough sleep and eating as healthily as Starbucks won’t allow you.

This means no late-night working, movies, snacks, or frequent visits to a fast-food restaurant.


You don’t want fatigue and a bloated stomach getting in the way of you and your wedding day hustles. Even better, getting enough sleep will enhance your bride’s health and beauty for the wedding day.

Jot Little Love Notes for Your Loved One

This is more of a trick and one that works. Prepping for your special day will not only be tasking to you but also to your lovely bride. And it’s in such kind of moments that things tend to heat up.

So, make sure you take some time off your busy schedule and write something lovely for your bride. It can be a small “I love you” note, which you can give someone to hand-deliver it to her – making the note even more special.

Think Through Your Gifts

Not the ones you’ll be given, but rather the ones you’ll usher out to the bridal party, in-laws, father and mother, and the groomsmen. Each of these people will require a special gift, specifically tailored for them.

“But there’s a lot to choose from.”

Yes. There are a ton of wedding gifts out there. But your gift selection depends on a couple of key factors. For instance, would you rather give everyone the same thing, or have the bride’s and groom’s side go home with something unique? And what would each member of that party prefer?

Now, that doesn’t mean you get a unique gift for everyone. If you decide to get a specific gift set for the groomsmen, for instance, you can have each gift customized to create that personal feel. Here are a few options

1. custom gifts for your groomsmen and best man

2. wedding favors for all of your attendees

3. bridesmaids gift boxes

Don’t Drink – Well, That Much

This should be a tough one – but it is all the well necessary.

A bit too much alcohol during the wedding preparations can derail the whole activity. Thus, you need to gauge how much liquor you’ll be taking in.

But this doesn’t mean you avoid some quality time with friends.

Of course, you can – but keep it moderate. However, on the eve of the wedding, remember you are barred from any drinking activity (no pun intended). Worse still, don’t hold a bachelor party. Plan that weeks prior to the day.

Kill It with The Suit

When it comes to the time for you to order your suit – plus that of your groomsmen, you need to go all out.

Part of your wedding’s success will be judged by how well you and your groomsmen were dressed.

So, you need to consider a lot of factors before you can settle for the right suit. For instance, would you rent one or purchase one? Will it be reused for your anniversary or any other special occasion? And which fabric will be best for the season your nuptials will be taking place?

A pro tip: start early and get some help from your groomsmen and bride.

Take Note of Last-Minute Plans and Ensure They’re Done

Wedding preparations end the morning before you head to the venue to make your vows to your lovely bride. This means that there are some last-minute rushes that need to be taken care of before the day can be labeled a potential success.

It might probably be a bouquet pick-up for the flowers the bridal party would use – you don’t want those withered, way before they arrive at the venue.

For this kind of task, write them down. And on the eve of your wedding day, have your groomsmen, wedding planner, or best-man handle them for you.

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